Going on walks helps to keep you sane during this hard time.

How to Stay Sane During Quarantine

Being at home all day, every day can be hard; here is how I manage it all. Hopefully you can, too!

We are all going through so much right now; this all feels like a movie because it’s so unreal, but this is our everyday life right now, and it is important that you find ways to cope with the stresses in your life so you can stay mentally healthy. 

The five things I listed are things I try to do to keep me mentally sane. I’ve been feeling happier and somewhat normal after I started doing these things.

Find time for yourself

While being at home all the time gives your family lots of time to bond and do things together, it is important to have some alone time at some point during the day. During this time, don’t do any school work, don’t interact with anyone else, just spend time with yourself. You could go on a walk alone, you could watch Netflix, or you could even sit outside and just think. Any way you want to do this is helpful, but this is something that I find to be very beneficial.

Go on walks

Seeing other people is what really makes this whole situation so difficult for me. I am such a people person, and I need that interaction with people other than my family members every day. Going on walks has helped me stay sane because I see familiar faces in my neighborhood, and sometimes I’ll go to the parks around town and walk. This is very beneficial because it allows you to process the thought, “Okay, there is still life in this city.”

Keep your room clean

When we are all at home all day long, our rooms tend to get messier if we don’t keep them straight. If I walk into my room and there are clothes everywhere and my bed isn’t made, that stresses me out – it’s like another mini problem in my life. So I try to keep it very clean and neat, so that not only am I not stressed about seeing a messy room, but I also feel like I have been productive, even though there’s nowhere to go and I’m at home all day.

Do your schoolwork at the beginning of the week

If possible, I try to get all my school work for the week done in the first half of the week so I have a long weekend to enjoy time outside and doing other things. If you do what you have to do early, then you have more time for things you enjoy. Being stressed about school work at the end of the week is the last thing you want to have going on right now, so get it done early so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Find another hobby

We are all stuck doing the same things every day, over and over again, so find something else you enjoy doing as we get through this time. I’ve picked up a hobby of coloring; I find it very relaxing and it looks pretty in the end! It helps me to have a variety of things to do throughout the day, and it’s something to keep me busy and keep my mind off of things going on in the world. Find something unique to you that brings you happiness and try to do that thing once a day at least.

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