Songs For Each Of Your Moods During Quarantine

Teens often turn to music for stress relief so here are some recommendations.

There’s a lot of strange feelings going around during our self-quarantining, with everyone feeling a little lonely and anxious, but there’s a lot of music out there to help people decompress. Spotify and Apple Music are two great ways to listen to music with a seemingly endless variety. 

Most people have a pretty set taste but during this unprecedented, there are lots of opportunities to delve into new music or music that’s new to us. Lucky for you, there are some great songs to fit any feelings you might have right now. 


Despite what’s happening, sometimes you can’t help but be happy and music is a great way to fuel that. These songs are perfect for those days where the coffee’s brewed perfectly, the eyeliner wing was done right the first time, and the sun’s shining bright outside.


Not seeing the people we’re used to seeing on a regular basis is bound to take a toll on us. This leads to those inevitable sad feelings where we miss our friends and family, but these songs cater to that loneliness. These artists clearly express those painful emotions and leave you feeling slightly less alone by the end.


If you’re anything like me, you can’t be cooped up for too long without wanting to bite someone’s head off. When you need to stress release and lass out a little bit, these songs will help channel all that frustration.


Along with all this uncertainty regarding the future and this deadly disease, comes a lot of anxiety and fear. These songs are soft and relaxing to calm your mind.


Sometimes, you want to listen to music but you’re too tired to listen to anything upbeat. This selection of slow jams is perfect for chilling to some music before your 3rd nap.


Along with being by yourself and not seeing people in person, comes the feelings of isolation and like you’re in this by yourself. These songs are good for pouring your emotions into so you leave them feeling like you’re not alone.


Whether you’re working out at home or having a baking frenzy, sometimes what you need is hype music to get you pumped and ready for anything. This list of bangers is sure to get your blood rushing and ready for anything.

Dancing Alone In Your Kitchen

OK, it doesn’t have to be in your kitchen but when you’re in your feelings and just need to let it out. A few dancy bops are just what the doctor prescribed to let loose and shake it out.

Being forced to stay inside is rough, but we’re in this together. It’s important everyone does their part so this period in our lives stays short, but while we’re in quarantine you can rely on music to keep you sane.

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