Our Life As Twins

An inside look into what it is like to be a twin.

May 23, 2019


Just like the rest of your family, you can’t choose who your twin is. However, being a twin is a different dynamic compared to the relationships I have with my two other sisters and parents. Although I value my relationships with my older and younger siblings, they often say Camille and I have a dynamic unlike anyone else in our family.

Camille and I share almost everything: clothes, shoes, a birthday, and even a bedroom. Most people think this would be really annoying but it’s actually one of my favorite things about being a twin. You never have to go through anything alone.

The first day of classes at a new school, Camille and I had each other by our sides, when we knew no one else.

As much as I love being a twin, it can be challenging. Many people think that because Camille and I are twins we act the same, do the same extracurricular activities, think the same thoughts, and feel the same pain.

This is not true, Camille and I are very different, but I think that’s why our relationship works.

I can be a little bit cold towards people when I first meet them but Camille will remind me that I shouldn’t push people away when I first meet them.

Camille is an extrovert and I am an introvert, which helps us both push the other outside of our comfort zones. Camille is more emotional than I am so I try to help her think rationally, rather than with her emotions when she’s stressed or struggling in any way.

They say that life is better when you have someone to share it with.

With Camille, I always have a friend to go through life with. To give me help when I won’t ask for it, to remind me it’s okay to show emotion and to make me laugh when it feels impossible.

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According to The Twin Project at the University of Texas, “About 32 out of every 1000 people is a twin”. This is the case for me and my twin Alexis.

Many people have asked me if I enjoy being a twin, or if I ever wish I weren’t a twin. Questions like these frustrate me at times because being a twin is all I have ever known. I figure the only possible way to answer these questions is to explain what it is like to be a twin.

Most assume that since Alexis and I are twins we are exactly the same. They are under the impression that we think the same, have the same hobbies, like the same things, and have the same friends. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Alexis and I are complete opposites.

We do different sports, which results in us having different friends, have different interests, and have drastically contrasting personalities. We do have overlapping friends from school and have similar tastes in music, but the differences outweigh the similarities.

These differences that we possess may seem like an obstacle in our relationship, but I believe that this is the reason we are so close. Alexis is able to use her strengths to broaden my knowledge in areas she thrives in, and I am able to do the same for her.

We’re able to introduce each other to things we may not have come across without each other. I introduced Alexis to her favorite band, AJR. Alexis helps me not get overwhelmed with what is around me and how to truly be myself.

Our relationship is different from our relationships with any other family member. I am very close with all of my family, but being a twin is different. It is an indescribable bond that is a gift to anyone who is able to experience it. We share the same shoes, clothes, and even a room.

Even though this can be annoying, I never have to go through anything in life alone. Alexis will always be there going through it too. I know I will always be able to rely on her for anything and she won’t fail to be there.

Being a twin is something I would never dream of giving up.

So to answer the question, no. I would never wish to not be a twin. I love the life that I am able to share with the person I will always be closest to – –  my twin sister.

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