The 2010 Poet Laureate is Victoria Vasquez. Her poem is titled "534 Pieces."

We were fragile like glass, shining in our vulnerability.

Newly polished, mistakenly confident.

Everyone could see through us.


Another passing day, another lesson learned, and our view

became hazy.

A knock, a tap, and we became cracked.

Bound together, yet growing weaker with each piercing


Despite the imperfections, we withstood floods of tears and

winds of hurt.

We could overcome any abrasion.


Today, four years later, we have

have broken the panes and 

Shattered glass; we are each an individual piece.

One piece may be sharper than the other, another piece may 

be small,

Yet we as pieces carried the weight of the others,

Molding one another with uniform strength and courage.

Each piece holds the same experiences.

Each piece beautifully shines.


Although we will scatter, as pieces do,

and although our surfaces may become



And chipped,

We will always remember what we had and what we can 

Make again in our lives.

We are the pieces of our future.


A future we can see through the window we made,

534 pieces


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