K-Pop Star Kim Woojin Accused of Sexual Assault

A popular Korean pop idol has hurt many after a victim came forward stating he sexually violated them and a group of friends at a bar. The public has strong opinions on the situation.

23-year-old Woojin Kim, an ex-vocalist of the popular K-Pop group Stray Kids, was accused in early September by an anonymous account on Twitter of sexually assaulting them and a group of friends at a bar.

“I was so shocked after I found out that Woojin could have sexually assaulted someone.” Gabby Benton, an ex fan of Kim and current Stray Kids fan, said 

In early September, Gabby Benton, a Dunbar High School junior, and many other K-Pop fans were informed that Woojin Kim was being accused of sexual harassment by an anonymous Twitter account. Many were upset towards the idol and no longer wanted to support him.

“He was my favorite member even after he left and I’ve been excited waiting for his possible solo promotions but now, I’m not going to support him.” Benton said.

Kim then let out a statement on his Instagram account before later deactivating. The post was a response for fans to have clarification on the situation. 

“Someone on Twitter spread a strange rumor and deleted his account. I’ve never met him and I’ve never been to the mentioned place. You must have surprised a lot of fans, but please don’t worry too much because it’s not true. And, I’m preparing hard for solo activities because I’ve recently signed with a company that fits my mind.” Kim stated

Many fans did not believe his statement and he deactivated his account hours after he posted his response. The K-Pop community decided to believe the possible victim including Benton.

“Even though I was shocked, I still thought it would be right to believe the victim in the situation especially since after Woojin’s apology he was so quick to promote his solo activities and then deactivated, which seemed ingenuine to me.” Benton mentioned.

Many people started selling and even going as far as destroying the merchandise of Kim. Some documented the destruction on many social media platforms.

“Have fun debuting in jail.” “you were ugly anyway.” “Woojin you are an embarrassment.” “I really trusted Woojin.” “If you still support Woojin get off my page.” “I’m disappointed in Woojin” “#woojinjail2020” “Woojin you are disgusting.” were several captions on TikTok’s under the Woojin hashtag of people getting rid of Kim’s merchandise.

Benton was asked how she felt about the community’s response to these accusations.

“Luckily, I was never able to put any of my money towards Woojin so I did not have to get rid of anything,” Benton said. “People are reacting in a way I expected and I along with others will continue to support the group without Woojin.” She stated.

The popular opinion on Kim seemed overwhelmingly negative with many people encouraging others not to support him.

“With many others, I wouldn’t want to associate with someone who would support someone like Woojin,” Benton said. “In this situation, Woojin is guilty until proven innocent in my eyes, and people should never invalidate a possible victim.” Benton also said.

Fans like Benton and online are all having their opinion despite the accusations against Woojin not yet being confirmed. This situation is still ongoing and there hasn’t been a public investigation by police as of now.