Travy Patty Burger

Review on the Travis Scott Burger and how this is a genius marketing ploy


Wilson Chen

Travis Scott is an American rapper/producer. Although he is known for his hit single “SickoMode” and his hip hop based music, Scott recently partnered with McDonald’s to make burger meals. (  The meal features a quarter-pound beef patty topped with onions, pickles, and two slices cheese, plus ketchup and mustard. You can find the Travis Scott Burger in McDonald’s all around the country.  

After the long line waiting to order we finally got a taste. For 6 dollars you get the burger, fries, and a drink. The softness of the bun and the taste of the sauce blend well together. The first bite you take, you can taste the fresh beef and with all the topping brings the burger together. The added bacon added a crunchy texture to compliment the softness of the bun. The cool crisp of the lettuce helps cool down the hot beef patty. After having a bite of the burger you can sip it down with a cool drink of sprite or have some potatoes fries with some barbeque sauce. 

“The burger was very tasty with all of the components together, they made the meal work together very well. The one problem I have was that there was no difference in the Travis Scott burger than a normal burger you can find in McDonald’s or any other fast-food burger place. ”(Colton Pelfrey)

The Travis Scott Burger is unique in that it is one of the few items that it has ties with a celebrity.  We both concluded that the burger itself was very tasty, but it was just a quarter pounder with bacon and pickles. The only thing that is special was the ties it has with the rapper Travis Scott. If you want a unique burger I suggest you go somewhere else. Having an influencer such as Travis Scott to have ties with McDonald’s wasn’t anything new, it just has a new name. It is something that you should try but you should not get it out of your way. If we take anything from this is that having a celebrity or an influencer sponsored a meal is a genesis marketing ploy. Such as the Charlie drink in Dunkin Donuts, it made Dunkin Donuts one of the most searched fast-food chains in August and September on google. Having a popular celebrity/influencer will increase the traffic flow towards that production. We have seen this before in ads and tv shows.