Top 5 Best Fruits for the Summer

Fruits are the best. Fruits are nature’s candy, they are sometimes sweet, they are sometimes tart, but overall fruits are the best. Fruits are a million times better than their health, green, bitter counterparts, vegetables. Asks anyone, if they rather eat fruit for the rest of their lives or vegetables, one million percent of the tome, a person will say fruit. With that being said, some fruit exponentially out shine the others. This is my list of the five best fruits on the planet, and if you disagree with me, that is fine. It is just that you are wrong. Coming in at number five is watermelon. Watermelons are really good because they are super sweet and crunchy. The best watermelons have a super deep red color with not to much  crunch but not to soft either and of course extremely sweet. But watermelons do have their drawbacks. First drawback, are the seeds. A watermelon could meet all the necessary criteria to be a perfect watermelon and then… its full of seeds! Watermelon seeds are about the most annoying this on the planet. They are small and their are so many that there can be more seeds than actual watermelon. And with seeds there is no middle ground, there are no seeds or a million of them. But other than that watermelon is pretty good. Coming in at number four are blackberries. Blackberries are super good. I am not talking about the gigantic ones at the grocery store. Those are the most tasteless thing on the planet. The best blackberries are at a farmers market or you can buy them from a person on the side of the street selling them out of an old pickup truck. The one you get there are a deep purple or black and small. They may be small but when you put one in your mouth and you bit down, it like an explanation of flavors. With all this greatness, there are some drawbacks. Like said previously said, they grocery store ones are bad. And the ones on the side of the street and farmers market are only sold in the summer, when blackberries are in season. So, you are out of luck, if you crave blackberries in a different season other than summer. Of course you can combat these craving with blackberries jam, that you can buy at the farmers market or the truck venders during the summer and save it for the other seasons. Coming in at number three is the apple. Apples are the most diverse fruit on this list. There are seven thousand five hundred varieties of apples grown all around the world but the best apple is the honeycrisp apple. Honeycrisps are the optimal firmness, sweetness and size. The honeycrisps was developed by Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station’s Horticultural Research Center at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, they were going for the perfect apple and that is what they got. The only thing bad about honeycrisps are the price.Most other apples cost just over $1 per pound. But the price of Honeycrisps cost  around $4.50 per pound. But if you could look passed the price honeycrisp apple are all around, pretty good. Coming at number two are grapes. Grapes are one of the best fruits because of their texture and flavor. Grapes are one of the fruits when it comes to texture. Grapes are crunchy and are fun to play with. You can see how many you can fit in your mouth, you can juggle them and the best thing to do with grapes it to throw them up and catch them in your mouth. That the best. Grapes are almost like popcorn. You start by eating one at a time, then you eat three or four at a time and eventually you lose all control and try to stuff as many grapes as possible in to you mouth at once. There are some downsides to grapes. When you get a bad grape, it the most disgusting thing on the planet and it just ruins your grape eating experience, and you have to stop. Before, I reveal my number one fruit ever here are some honorable mentions. Blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, oranges and bananas. And now, to reveal the best fruit. It is the… PEACH. Peaches are great. Peaches are by far the sweetest and most juicy fruit on the planet. The best peaches are similar to blackberries, found at farmers market and truck venders. They are soft, with a nice ombre of reds and light oranges. I prefer to cut my peaches with a knife as thinly as possible. Peaches are also good for tea, pies and just a simple snack on a hot summer’s day. The only thing is peaches are only good in the summer and you can never get the peach because of the stupid pit. This is my list of the top five best fruit. And make sure during the summer you go to your favorite farmers market or side street pick up truck to get nature candy, fruit.