YouTube Channels Featuring ASMR

Although ASMR has just come about in the media, it’s been something people have experienced for a long time. 

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a type of therapy for people who respond to different “triggers” including whispering, tapping, eating, crunching, scratching and brushing. The people who experience ASMR feel a type of tingling sensation in the back of their head, neck and spine. Others feel relaxed or sleepy when exposed to the triggers.

It is a strange subject, and many don’t understand how eating sounds or tapping could be considered relaxing.

The name ASMR originated in 2010 when people started YouTube channels devoted to the idea. This year, ASMR has caught a lot of the media’s attention so people have attempted to induce ASMR using how-to videos to help people adopt the tingles.

People who conduct ASMR are called “asmrtists.” Some of the most popular asmrtists include: Gentle Whispering, WhispersRed, GibiASMR, ASMRDarling, and LifeWithMak. Each asmrtist specializes in a certain trigger. Anyone can search YouTube and there will be selection of videos specifically made for each trigger.

Though ASMR may be awkward, it is open for anyone to experience and enjoy. The community has experienced a lot of hate and negativity from people who don’t understand the concept. Even though, the ASMR craze has brought more attention to the community making ASMR more popular.