Lamplighter Media Productions

Teagan Garrison
As a junior, this is my first year on staff and I am extremely excited to get to know the ropes of journalism. I'm not the best writer and am mainly interested in the web design portion of Lamplighter, but I'm hoping to improve my writing.

For my career, I don't plan on going into journalism, but this experience and web design knowledge will help me with engineering, which is what I want to be my major in college. This year, I want to begin working on Web Design with the Web Editor. My main goal being, having sufficient knowledge of how the behind the scenes of the online world works.

As of right now, I like to read, a lot. Because of this love of reading, I thought the writing could be fun. I also have 2 adorable dogs I love very much, 2 little brothers who are goofballs, and an older sister who is my best friend.

With AP classes, babysitting, and satisfying my reading needs taking up most of my time, I'm excited to add Lamplighter to my list! Thanks for tuning in and see you next time on Disney Channel.

Teagan Garrison, Staff Reporter

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