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Mason Taylor
My name is Mason Taylor and I’m a sophomore. This is my first year on staff for Lamplighter. My biggest interests in Lamplighter are broadcasting, photography, and social media.

One of my favorite hobbies is the band at Dunbar. I play the clarinet, which I’ve been playing for five years now. I’m in the school’s marching band and Wind Symphony for concert band. I really love band because I have a passion for music, in general, I've made really good friends.

Another hobby I have is cooking. I’m not at Gordon Ramsey’s level, and I can only make simple foods, such as quesadillas and pre-packaged macaroni and cheese. I want to expand my field of foods that I can cook because it would make me enjoy cooking even more.

I’ll try my best this year on staff and I’m so excited to see what I can accomplish and share with my school!

Mason Taylor, Staff Reporter

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