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Emma Daman
My name is Emma, I am a freshman and this is my first year on the Lamplighter staff.

I have always loved writing and it has been a strong suit of mine since I was in elementary school. I am excited to learn and grow through the help of the other staff members on board. I heard about this class and enjoyed watching and reading the work of students and I thought this class would fit my likes and abilities.

Through this program in the future, I would like to improve my skills in writing and eventually be on the ED Board to help and show new members of the Lamplighter my skills I learned through this class. I hope to get to write and help write many of the interesting articles produced by the other staff members throughout the year.

I was adopted when I was fourteen months old and my family has supported me doing the sport I love. Swim has taken up most of my life since I was eight. I swim on Kentucky Aquatics and love spending time with my friends!

I can’t wait to see where the Lamplighter takes me this year!

Emma Daman, Staff Reporter

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