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David Manche
Technology has always been my specialty. When I was younger, before search bars existed in settings menus, I would explore every option, ability, and setting available to be changed. I learned a lot about technology from personal experience and fixing other people's tech issues, I still do a lot of fixing technology, but I also do more website maintenance.

I'm the Website Editor for Lamplighter and this is my first year on staff. Lamplighter isn't exactly a place that techies flock to, but I figured it would be fun and I could do something worthwhile. My plan is to put advertising on the webpage to increase the budget and the quality of production of WPLD and Lamplighter. I also want to create a better mobile site.

Some things I enjoy unrelated to tech support include flying planes, flying drones, and playing games. I play Overwatch and Skyrim, The Office is great, and my favorite movie is Interstellar, I'm in MSTC, too.

Feel free to submit a letter or leave a comment on the website anytime.

David Manche, Webpage Editor

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