Lamplighter Media Productions

Ben Rains
I'm Ben Rains and this is my first year doing Lamplighter. What got me into doing Lamplighter was my brother, Clay. He is a member of Lamplighter and he does geek squad with Matthew Nichols. I would like to explore all parts of Lamplighter, especially broadcasting and writing. I hope to help out geek squad as well.

I'm a freshman and I love to bake and listen to music. My favorite type of music is pop and country but like all types. My favorite color is blue and I enjoy watching the NFL and college basketball. My brother play soccer and I enjoy watching that as well.

I'm excited to get started and explore the different types of journalism and may pursue that as a career.

Ben Rains, Staff Reported

Jan 14, 2019
WPLD Jan. 14 Broadcast (Media)