Derrick Rose is a Hero

Rose works with Make-A-Wish to help young patients.

Athletes are more than amazing players, they are our kids’ idols and heroes. Watching them chase their dreams and achieving greatness inspires us to follow our dreams. Athletes show us that you can overcome anything that is in front of you despite the obstacles.

18-year-old Hunter Simmons, who is battling leukemia, got to meet his idol Derrick Rose through “Make A Wish” foundation and it was a special sight to see. Both have a lot in common and you have to dive a little bit more into Derrick Rose’s career to understand why he is Hunter’s idol.

Derrick Rose entered the league in 2008 as the number one pick and was amazing from right off the bat winning rookie of the year. Oh yeah, and he won MVP as the youngest player ever to receive the award at 22 years old.

Sadly, his career quickly was derailed with injury after injury. It stopped what could have been potentially one of the most successful careers the NBA has ever seen. At one point it seemed that Derrick Rose after two failed stints with the Knicks and Cavaliers retirement was inevitable. Rose didn’t give up on basketball. His passion and work ethic has shown up on his new team the Timberwolves as he has rejuvenated his career averaging 19 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 4.8 assists while shooting 48% from the field and 46% from deep in 32 games.

Rose met with Simmons and he gave him so advice telling him to never give and to keep fighting no matter the situation. Obviously, a life-threatening disease and a string of injuries are a different level of seriousness, but athletes continue to inspire the youth and once again prove that it is more than just basketball.