Royals Dominate World Series

Kansas City Royals avenge last year’s loss with a 4-1 victory.

The 2015 World Series came to an end with the Kansas City Royals dominating the New York Mets four to one. The Royals pulled ahead through two games of extra innings despite the rainy and cold weather. The Mets, with one of the best pitching rotations this year, were crushed due to the hitting of the Royals through the postseason. Mr. Greg Adams said, “I thought the Royals really knew how to hit the ball.” That was truly the story here with the Royals hitting significantly better than the Mets. The Royals haven’t been crowned champions for thirty years and ended their drought with their seven to two victory in game five.

Kansas City Royals Salvador Perez poses with the World Series Championship trophy after being named MVP.
Kansas City Royals Salvador Perez poses with the World Series Championship trophy after being named MVP.

Even though the Most Valuable Player was hard to determine because of the Royals overall strength, Salvador Perez, who caught every game for the Royals, won with a batting average of .364. He is the first catcher to earn the title of MVP in 23 years.

The Royals’ success came from their comeback ability. They are the first team to win three games where they were losing in the eighth inning or later. They also won three games in which their win percentage was less than 20 percent.

In game five, the Met’s second baseman Daniel Murphy made an error allowing the Royals to tie the game and eventually win.

“I think the Sports Illustrated Curse messed up the Mets,” said social studies teach Mr. Mickey Campbell. “Daniel Murphy was on the cover, and he made that error in game five.”

I was happy to see the Royals win.”

— Justin Johnson, Dunbar Sophomore

Winning three games at home and one on the road, the Royals triumphed over this series. The first game they won five to four. This was the closest game of them all. Both teams had 11 hits and one error each. In Game two, the Royals held complete control throughout the entire game, and they won seven to one. The next game was in New York, and they lost 3-9. The Mets had five more hits than them which led to their sole win. Game four came as a shock to everyone. The Royals winning on the road was a huge victory and set them up for the seven to two victory to clinch the series.

Last year’s heartbroken Royals lost in game seven to the Giants, and they would not let that happen again. They were determined to bring the second World Series back to Kansas City. Now, they will have to defend their title in the 2016 season.