Dunbar Wrestling Team

The wrestling team has gained a few new wrestlers for the upcoming 2013-2014 season. Several new seniors have joined the team and experienced players are adjusting well to their arrival. The veterans are working to help the new wrestlers learn the moves to get them ready for the upcoming season by using their experience and long-term knowledge to teach and mentor the rookies.  The captains, such as career wrestler junior Alex Mattingly, have been exceptionally helpful in assisting the new players with the struggles they face.

The team has been preparing both physically and mentally to achieve Bulldog quality performance in all aspects of the sport. Many of them have played sports other than wrestling, such as former football player Josh Choi, and are trying to adapt to a completely new sport, with varying degrees of success. For Choi, football is not even close to the physicality of wrestling. He is undecided about his goals for the season.

“Coming out of football I was used to mainly weightlifting, but once I joined the wrestling team it changed the way I worked out completely. My workouts changed from heavy lifting to intense cardio. The intensity of wrestling is incomparable to any other sport around.”

Coach Pat Sinclair, an extremely talented young coach, has been with the wrestling team for many years.  A decorated wrestler himself, Sinclair has hundreds of matches under his belt and a wealth of experience. He says he is hoping to help the team return to the level they were at when they were state champions and dominating the wrestling circuit of Kentucky. He had nothing but optimism regarding the upcoming season, and is very hopefully regarding the new wrestler’s development being so new to the sport.

“We have a good mix of veteran wrestlers and newcomers this season. The team is working hard at practice to get better every day, and we are very excited about seeing the improvement the team will make as the season progresses.”