Spring Sports: What Can We Expect?

Heading into the spring, many athletes are enthusiastically awaiting their season.

Jacob Hayes, Staff Reporter

With COVID-19 having a large impact on life for everyone right now, those who are involved with spring sports are being impacted as well. Last March when quarantine started, KHSAA essentially canceled all spring athletic activities for the year going forward. 

Many spring sports teams were not able to play in a single game or competition during the 2020 season. However, fall sports were able to continue with special restrictions like wearing masks and social distancing. Many spring sports teams have not played or competed in a game or competition since 2019.

Spring sports teams have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have had no contact with our players since March of 2020. That has been really hard,” softball Coach Sasha Turansky said.

Spring sports are scheduled to take place for the 2021 season but will be delayed to start later than they would in a normal year due to the overlap of winter sports. 

“I’m just excited to play baseball,” junior baseball player Michael Nicoulin said.

Sports such as baseball will have tryouts on February 22 instead of on February 15 as they normally would be. Baseball is also not allowed to have any team practices together until after tryouts are completed. This differs from a normal year where the team would have strength and conditioning practices together starting in August.

Track and Field, a low-risk sport for COVID-19 transmission, has also been hit hard by the pandemic. They normally start training in December, but this year in-person team practice has been pushed back until after Spring Break. 

Meets for track and field are expected to be longer this year due to COVID regulations as well. 

Lacrosse is no exception when it comes to being affected by the pandemic as. They haven’t been able to have in-person practice since March. 

“We don’t get to practice as much, so it’s harder to build chemistry,” junior lacrosse player Mason Upton said.

Fans will also not be allowed to be in attendance for all spring sports events. However, players’ families will be allowed to attend events while wearing masks and following social distancing guidelines.

Spring sports will certainly look different this year, but everyone involved is still looking forward to their season. Especially Senior athletes who will have their opportunity to compete in the sport they love for the last time and leave their legacy.