Bulldogs Suffer a Huge Loss to Henry Clay Blue Devils

On Oct. 4, the Dunbar Bulldogs played the Henry Clay Blue Devils at Dunbar. Last years match up between these two teams ended with Henry Clay coming out on top, winning by 42 points. Two years ago, however, the Bulldogs came out on top, winning by 19 points.

The Bulldogs looked rough as the rain fell during the game, losing by 32 points. The pressure placed on Dunbar by Henry Clay was intense. After waiting for an extra hour for kick off, due to weather, the teams took the field to start playing at 8:30 p.m.

First Quarter

Henry Clay won the opening coin toss and chose to receive the kick and returned it to their own 30 yard line. The punt from Henry Clay went out of bounds at the Dunbar 46 yard line, where the Bulldogs’ offense took over.

Early in the drive, Henry Clay defense is called for jumping offside, which is a 5 yard penalty, taking the ball to the Henry Clay 41. Later in the drive #6 Mitchell Joseph breaks a big 15 yard run and is brought down on the Henry Clay 26 yard line.

The Bulldogs’ offense started to stall shortly there after, having to go for a field goal, which was made from 33 yards by #28 Jason O’Hara. The score was 3-0 Dunbar, with 5:33 left in the first quarter. Things appeared to look good with their offense, considering they were able to drive the field, get a field goal and with their defense holding the Henry Clay offense.

The Blue Devils had a three and out on their opening drive, but on the #9 Langston Jackson took it to the house getting a touchdown for the Blue Devils. After the PAT by #22 Graham Wald the score was 7-3 Henry Clay.

The kick from Henry Clay went into the end zone for a touchback, so the Bulldogs got the ball to their own 20 yard line. Early in the Bulldogs’ drive, #6 Joseph fumbled the ball but was recovered by the Devils #2 Chris Dabney.

After #22 Wald hit the PAT the score was 14-3 Henry Clay. The kick by Henry Clay is returned to the Dunbar 14 yard line. The Bulldogs’ came out offense hitting two big plays. On the first play, #7, Tanner Cox, completed a 15 yard pass to #18, Jamarcus Robinson. The second play was a 16 yard pass from #7 Cox to #6 Joseph.

Things were once again looking promising for the Bulldogs’ offense, but things stalled and they had to punt. The Bulldogs’ were ready to punt but the ball was snapped back and caught by the punter. #9 Jackson ran up and blocked the punt. The ball went down the field, all the way to the Dunbar 17 yard line, where it went out-of-bounds.

The Blue Devils offense took the field and shortly after #6, Dorien Hardin scored a touchdown. With the PAT hit by #22 Wald the score was 21-3 Henry Clay and that took the game to the end of the first quarter.          

Second Quarter

Henry Clay started the second quarter by kicking off to Dunbar. The ball went into the end zone for the touchback. Dunbar’s offense took over on their own 20 yard line. With an illegal motion penalty, that was declined. The Bulldogs went 3 and out on this drive.

The Blue Devils drove down the field but were unable to get into the endzone. Their kicker, #22 Wald, made a 24 yard field goal which made the score 24-3 Henry Clay. The Bulldogs’ offense comes back onto the field after the kick was returned to their own 23 yard line. Another flag stalls the Bulldogs’ offense yet again and they went 3 and out for a second consecutive drive.

The Bulldogs punt the ball, but the returner muffs the punt and the Bulldogs are able to recover it and take over on offense at their own 47 yard line. The Bulldogs had a big pass play that went for 15 yards as #7 Cox completed the pass to #21, Howard Jackson, but despite the good field position to start the drive and the 15 yard play Dunbar turned the ball over on downs.

As the Blue Devils looked to get a score in before half time they got over ambitious and #9, senior, Landon Jackson picked off #10 VanHorn’s pass. Dunbar’s offense took the field, but #27, senior, Alex Bard and was recovered by #9 Jackson for Henry Clay. Henry Clay’s offense was able to get in field goal range and #22 Wald hit a 26 yarder to take the game to half. The score at Half was 27-3 Henry Clay.

Third Quarter

Henry Clay Kicked off to Dunbar to start the second half. The Bulldogs return the ball to their own 40 yard line, where the offense took over. After a personal foul penalty against Henry Clay the Bulldogs had good field position, but #7 Cox sets back to throw and has his pass intercepted by #9 Jackson for Henry Clay and the pick turned into 6.

After #22 Wald’s kick goes through the uprights the score is 34-3 Henry Clay. The Blue Devils’ kick off goes into the end zone for a touchback.  After being pushed back a few yards on offense the Bulldogs get an explosive 23 yard run from #6 Joseph taking them to their own 38 yard line.

Despite this, Dunbar still had to punt the ball away. The Blue Devils’ offense took over at their own 31 yard line. Early in the drive, #9 Jackson ran the ball 48 yards and was stopped at the Dunbar 20 yard line.

Shortly thereafter, #10 VanHorn ran in 16 yard touchdown. After making the PAT, kicked by #22 Wald, the score was 41-3. Henry Clay kicked off to Dunbar, who returned the ball to their own 33 yard line. After #60 Cedric Dixon sacked #7 Cox, the Bulldogs were forced to punt. The ball was returned to the Henry Clay 30 yard line where their offense would take over. That took the game to the end of the third quarter, with the score 41-3 Henry Clay.

Fourth Quarter

Henry Clay fumbled and the ball was recovered by the Bulldogs. The offense for Dunbar took over at their own 47 yard line. #49 Jacob Greene breaks a 14 yard run and is brought down on the Henry Clay 10 yard line. Then #15 Jake Smith ran in a touchdown for the Bulldogs.

#24, sophomore, Evan VanDaniker missed the PAT making the score 41-9 Henry Clay. Dunbar kicks the ball short on the kick off and is able to recover the ball at the Henry Clay 40 yard line. The drive by the Bulldogs was ultimately stopped by the clock with time expiring. The final score of the game was 41-3 Henry Clay.

The Bulldogs go on the road to face Scott County and hopefully regain some momentum, on Friday, Oct. 12.  

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