Teen Howl

Ever feel like your voice isn’t being heard or like you just need a chance to get your work out there? Teen Howl is a place for young writers to share their work aloud and draw inspiration from peers as well as successful authors. On the first Thursday of every month at 6 p.m., high school students from the Lexington area gather in the Carnegie Center at 882 E High Street. A featured adult shares and talks to the teens about their experience and career as an author. After this, students are invited to read their own writings to the group, allowing them to express their opinions in their unique voices.

Teen Howl co-founder, Elizabeth Beck said Teen Howl is not just an open mic, but, “a loving, supportive community of writers from all schools, not just [Fayette County public schools].” She described Teen Howl as a fun, exciting event where students cheer each other on. She noted, “I wish I had this opportunity as a kid, that’s for sure!” This is the fourth year of Teen Howl and many young writers have become successful as a result of sharing with their peers. It is a huge confidence boost for a lot of people who are new to writing, so it pushes them to continue. Many Teen Howl participants have gone on to study creative writing in college and become published. Beck said she expects Teen Howl poets to go on to publish their own books soon. If you would be interested in reading your work to a group of fellow high school students, come by this month’s Teen Howl.