Dunbar Girls Soccer vs. Lexington Catholic

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  • Number 22, Jessie Rajcan, guards the ball from an opposing player.

  • Some players bring the ball down the field.

  • Number 1, Amy Holbrook, looks for a pass to number 21, Megan Shimizu.

  • A determined Amy Holbrook makes a move for the ball.

  • Number 12, Mallory Engelhard, moves the ball up the field despite the opposing player guarding her.

  • Number 5, Nia Simons, keeps the ball away from Catholic player.

  • Number 9, Liz Lippert, throws the ball into the game.

  • Number 4, Audrey Rawls, looks for a pass to Meron Roach.

  • Number 11, Mimi Floreal, advances the ball down the field while opposing player runs after her.

  • Number 5, Nia Simons, fights for the ball against Lexington Catholic player.

  • Number 21, Megan Shimizu, tries to keep the ball away from opposing player.

  • Goalie, Morgan Turcotte, kicks the ball in hopes of advancing it far down the field.

  • The team huddles up before the game.

Dunbar takes on Lexington Catholic in Girls  Soccer on August 24, 2015.