A Perfect Life

Students at Dunbar were asked if money would contribute to their “perfect life”

Everyone has a different concept of “perfect” and as students begin pursuing their dreams, they have different ideas in mind.

“My perfect life is to make money, and to be stable enough to which I can experience the world, and help people,” freshman Luke Anderson said.

Planet of Success looks at what every human being aspires to in order to live a good life. The problem is, we all define the phrase “good life” differently.

Others seek wealth, social status and fame, as they hope these aspects will help them to live a good life. In fact, they directly associate the good life with money and material belongings.

“I want to have a good job and make a lot of money while having fun,” sophomore Allison Otipoby said.

Some are looking to live an honest life, full of integrity, joy and happiness.

“A perfect life isn’t going to be perfect all the time, there is obviously going to be ups and downs but I think it’s achievable,” sophomore Mary Rice said.

For many people, happiness can be different things, whether that’s spending time with family, a new car or having a successful job.

Entrepreneur John Rampton said, “Money can lend you the opportunity to have memorable experiences. Although you do not need a lot of money to have certain experiences, to travel the world and do so comfortably, significant amounts of money can go a long way.”

While money can pay for activities that bring you happiness like visiting an amusement park or traveling the world, Rampton said that we don’t directly associate that money with happiness but rather the activity that brings us joy.

“My idea of a perfect life is pretty simple, being surrounded by love and those that care about me,” sophomore Elizabeth Fitzpatrick said.