Sadie’s Recap

Why this Sadie’s was one for the books

Most schools have their homecomings, but we have our Sadie’s- and November 2nd was a night to remember.

School dances always have students skeptical, especially if they’re hosted at the school itself. Although the dance was only introduced to Dunbar last year, it’s proven to be an absolute success. Students came together to create the perfect dance for everyone to enjoy.

As a quick recap, all Sadie’s groups followed the same protocol; group pictures, dinner, arrive at the dance, and an after party. It’s a great way to start the night off right, and allowed for the individual Sadie’s groups to have a genuine bonding experience.

Pictures for any group can be difficult, but due to the recent time change, a strain on time presented itself. Students had to find a formal location to match their formal wear. “We went to my friend’s house because she has a nice area to take pictures,” said junior Josie Geoghegan,”Pictures were hilarious. We all messed around and ended up capturing some really cute moments.” Everyone looked fantastic, and needed a location to match.

Food is crucial for any event, especially for a dance like this. Methods of dinner varied by group type- if it was a smaller group, eating out was more convenient. If the group was larger, catering seemed to be the way to go. “My group decided to go to Malone’s because it was close to the dance, and was perfect for my smaller group,” explained junior Courtney Brewer. Whatever dinner was decided upon, it seemed to set the tone for the rest of the night.

Post dinner was the moment of truth; everyone arrived at the dance. Everything from the food and drinks to the music was absolutely fantastic, not to mention the senior mosh pit at the front of the DJ stand. “Music at parties and functions are everything. If you don’t have a good DJ, you won’t have a good time,” explained senior Connor Langfels,”Kids were able to be kids and have fun. Sadie’s was a total success this year, and gets us seniors even more excited for future dances.”

Based off of the student body’s reaction to the dance, it’s safe to say this year’s Sadie’s was a complete success.