Upcoming Runs in Central Kentucky

Every year brings new running events to Kentucky. Many people love to take part in these sorts of family fun activities. Some of the events are family oriented some are season based and others are competitive races for adults to participate in. There are many different races year round for everyone to get a chance to participate in.

One of these races is the Iron Horse Half Marathon it takes place on October 13, 2013. This race is a 13.1 mile run with beautiful sights throughout the course, like the colorful fall leaves and long country roads. The Iron Horse is located in Midway, Kentucky and has a total of 1500 runners. It has been named to be one of the top 28 best half marathons in the U.S. This particular race is to benefit the Woodford Humane society.

Another race is the Bourbon Chase 200 Mile Relay, it takes place along the Bourbon trail. The date of this race is October 18, 2013. You are able to pick your own team to compete in this 200 mile relay. This race takes place in Lexington, Kentucky, and its purpose is to raise money for the three charities of the participant’s choice. So far The Bourbon Chase relay has raised $150,000.

Fostering Goodwill’s Run for independence 5k is also coming up on October 19, 2013. This race is at the University of Kentucky Commonwealth Stadium. The goal of this 5k is to raise awareness for aging out foster youth and the obstacles they have to overcome as the transition into a life on their own. To participate in this race, you must pay twenty dollars. All the proceeds made in this 5k will go to the foster youth when they start to venture out on their own. Statistics show these youth are more likely to become homeless at an early age. The obstacles these children are forced to face make them some of

the most vulnerable children in our society. The money raised for these foster children will go to their education as well as their moving expenses throughout their lives.

Lastly, the Run of the Living Dead: A Zombie-Infested 5k is on October 19, 2013 in Versailles, KY. The cost to participate in this race is fifty five dollars. This event is an obstacle course and zombies chase you throughout the run. You have to dodge the zombies without hurting them, of course. After you lose all the zombies and finish the race, there is an after party for everyone that participated, including the zombies. This race is to help raise money for the Harmony Day Preschool. These are just a few upcoming races in the Lexington area. There are many others for you to look at and try to get involved in. Every year the opportunities grow as well as the chances to run all these different races.