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Dunbar Cheerleaders Represent at Nationals

Meredith Nichols, Staff Reporter

April 29, 2013

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This year, the Dunbar cheerleaders won the state, national and world titles during their season. It took much hard work to get them there. Cheerleading tryouts were held last May, with conditioning taking place throughout the summer. Everyone was required to go to a cheer camp and two hour a day practices took place throughout the school year. In addition to all this they cheered at home and away games for the football team and for both boys’ and girls’ basketball teams. The team is led by head coaches Mrs. Donna Martin and Mr. Saleem Habash. Both have been very successful with the program for a very long...

Teen Pregnancies in the U.S. Hit a Record Low

Erin Pyle, Staff Reporter

March 26, 2013

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On average, the United States’ teenage age birthrate is nine times higher than it is in other countries.  But, this rate has been at a record low for the past couple of years. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, a branch of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of births in female teens ages 15 to 19 has fallen 44% since 1991. The rate also fell 9% between 2009 and 2010; there were less teenage mothers in the year 2010 than any year since 1946. The new average number of births for females in this age range is 34.3 per 1,000 teenage girls. According to the study, this...

Lexington Tattoo Project

Adam Falluji, Staff Reporter

February 28, 2013

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Lexington, Kentucky, is a proud place to call home, and its citizens are always looking for new ways to express their love for their city. Transylvania University’s Professor of Art, Kurt Gohde, and the Associate Professor of English, Kremena Todorova, asked local Affrilachia poetess Bianca Spriggs to write a poem about Lexington. Frequently collaborating on large artistic projects, they divided the poem into 250 phrases after it was completed. Then, they came up with a design for each phrase, and called out to the Lexington community on Facebook, asking for volunteers to have one of the designs tattooed on their...

To All the Single People on Valentine’s Day

Erin Pyle, Staff Reporter

February 14, 2013

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Everyone knows that it sucks to be single. Everyone knows that it especially sucks to be single on the one day of the year where the limelight is on love and only love (aka Valentine’s Day/February 14). And quite frankly, those of us in relationships also know that the phrases “forever alone” and “Single People’s Awareness Day” are annoying and unnecessary. Other snide remarks aimed at the happy couples fit in this annoying and unnecessary category as well. Not only are these phrases bothersome and needless, they are also not entirely true. If you make it to 90 years old without ever having a significant...

Being Single on Valentine’s Day

Abby Florence, Editor-in-Chief

February 14, 2013

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  Hi, my name is Abby… and… I am single. They say the first step to recovery is admitting there is an issue. But honestly, I’m not all that worked up about being single. Would I like to have a man on my arm? Absolutely. But being single until that time happens isn’t so bad. For starters, it keeps jealousy out of the equation. So things between friends and other friends can go smoothly. Say you are a girl who has a guy friend that works at a movie theater. By being single, she has no problem going to see a free movie with her friend. It is a fun outing and saves money. With a boyfriend though,...

Things I Actually Love About the Holidays

Erin Pyle, Online Editor

December 19, 2012

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Although people constantly complain about the annoyances of the holiday season, like taking awkward family photos, most cannot help but secretly love everything about these obnoxiously festive winter activities. For starters, how could one hate the fact that Elf practically runs 24/7 on TNT starting Thanksgiving Day and ending New Year’s Day? The answer: they cannot. It is impossible. Elf is arguably the best holiday movie out there because it is humorous and heartwarming at the same time. If you haven’t seen this glorious film, it is about a human, Buddy, raised by Santa’s elves in the North Pole. After wreaking...

On Leaving Dunbar

Idrees Kahloon, Staff Reporter

May 29, 2012

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My senior classmates and I are at a threshold—on the margin between coddled childhood and anxious adulthood, between high school and colleges or careers and between the past and the future. The diploma conferred to us after our four years at Dunbar is at once a physical emblem of concerted effort and success as well as a symbol from which introspection can spring. Graduation is an educational analogue of a somber coming-of-age ceremony where my peers and I welcome the blank slate of maturity and our new access to status, higher education and careers. But our coming-of-age is less of a testament to knowledge of algebraic...