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Dunbar teachers are making online learning work.

Virtual Learning Creates New Challenges for Teachers

August 10, 2020

When the FCPS School Board announced plans to start the school year virtually, many Dunbar teachers said that they were already expecting the announcement.  “Since the numbers were going up so dramatically over the last month,” drama teacher Mrs. Alicia Henning said, “I was hoping that we would start the school year virtually in order to keep everyone safe.” Still, the decision to return...

Many links for students and families can be found on the PLD website.

It Just Won’t Be The Same

August 8, 2020

For many students, school is not just a place. School means safety, opportunity, food, friendship, and connection. It is not simply a building full of classrooms. Instead, it’s an atmosphere that encourages growth, not only in learning but in overall well-being.  On July 23, the Fayette County Public Schools board voted to start the 2020-21 school year with Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI), ...

Dunbar Considers 4x4 Schedule

Dunbar Considers 4×4 Schedule

July 29, 2020

The abrupt transition to online learning in March was a hectic one: teachers choosing between seemingly dozens of online platforms, administrators scrambling to put together some kind of schedule, everyone adrift in the chaos that marked the arrival of COVID-19.  Now, as schools around the country consider a virtual return to school, administrators are more prepared. On July 23, the Fayette C...

Cloth face coverings will be required for all students above the first grade.

Wearing a Mask Gets Us Back to School

July 21, 2020

What used to indicate that someone was sick is now a preventative measure for the general public. Masks are considered to be one crucial aspect of the fight against COVID-19. While they can be uncomfortable, masks are just one measure allowing students to return to in-person school this year. Guidelines by the Education Continuation Task Force as well as the Governor’s Office, Department for Public Health, Kentucky...

Activists advocating for women's rights marched from Civic Center Plaza to the Embarcadero on January 18, 2020.

Sexist Slang: A Trend That Needs To Go

June 12, 2020

“Go back to the kitchen.” “Make me a sandwich.” “Stop acting like a girl.” Women are often subject to these comments, which imply that they are not good for anything except housekeeping. This has been a common trend for centuries, but a why hasn’t it ended? With more women in the workplace, especially in what were previously male-dominated fields, many people assume that ...

The recent outrage over police killings of black Americans has led thousands of people to sign petitions like this one.

Students, Policymakers Call for African American Studies

June 12, 2020

As many students take to the streets to protest police violence, two Dunbar graduates have taken a different approach: addressing how racism impacts school systems. Kaden Gaylord and Olivia Geveden, graduates of Dunbar’s class of 2018, have started a petition “to make ‘African American Studies’ a course offered at each public high school in the district.” The petition was inspired by a thread Gaylord posted on Twitter on May 29 questioning the lack of educatio...

Protesters gathered outside Lexington Courthouse before marching down Main Street.

Lexington Protests against Racism and Police Brutality

June 4, 2020

The world is in the midst of history in the making. Americans and others across the globe are collectively using their voices to attempt to right the wrongs that have persisted for centuries. Time and time again in America, black people are murdered by police at an exponentially higher rate than whites, and for much lower stakes. The most recent of these deaths sparked the current outrage. On Ma...

Students had to use laptops like this one to take their AP tests, a change from recent years.

AP Testing Gone Awry

May 28, 2020

Between asking my family to stop streaming Netflix while I tested and arguing with my friends about College Board conspiracy theories, AP testing this year was thoroughly confusing and inefficient.  My WiFi problems and College Board discussions aside, countless AP students this year were negatively impacted by the new online testing procedures. After the COVID-19 pandemic caused widespread s...

Many teens have become frontline essential workers during COVID-19 pandemic.

Teens Become Essential Workers

May 27, 2020

While millions of Americans have lost their jobs due to COVID-19, some have been shoved onto America’s front lines. This time, the front lines don’t indicate an armed conflict, but a war against this deadly virus. In this fight, 17-year-olds like us have become unlikely frontiersmen of the battle along with doctors, delivery drivers, and grocery store clerks. Two months ago, we were just teenagers...

How to turn quarantine time into quality time.

Making the Most of the Quarantine

May 27, 2020

There are things that really stink about the stay at home measures, but there are also things to try that might just help you make the most of the situation.

Savanna Montgomery performs as Mrs. Van Daan in the Diary of Anne Frank for her final performance at Paul Laurence Dunbar.

COVID-19 Cancelled My Final Performance

May 27, 2020

As a senior, there are multiple things that I will be doing for the last time before I move on to life as a college student: my last football game, prom, my last meal in the cafeteria, a tardy note, time spent with my classmates, and even time walking down the crowded hallways.  Students like me, who plan on going out of state for college, are missing out on spending our lasting moments with our ...

When it comes to what we are going to do for school next year, many things remain unclear.

What Happens Next?

May 27, 2020

On April 20, FCPS superintendent Manny Caulk announced that school would remain closed for the remainder of the school year. This announcement didn't exactly come as a surprise. The number of COVID-19 was rising in the county and the state, and it looked like social distancing measures weren’t going to ease up any time soon. Since schools were closed for the rest of the year and it didn't seem like...