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Don’t Tank for Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson is not the type of player to go #1 pick in the NBA Draft

NBA teams have started the trend of tanking in hopes of getting lottery picks in the draft. While when looking at teams like the Philadelphia 76ers it would be easy to say that this method works, but if you don’t take the best then all those losses are for nothing. This season everyone is high on Zion Williamson from Duke, but he is not the best player in college basketball and should not be who teams tank for.

In stats so far this season Williamson is 38th in points per game, 59th in rebounds, 37th in field goal percentage, not in the top 100 in free throw percentage, not in the top 100 in assists, not in the top 100 in steals, not in the top 100 in 3 pointers, and 21st in blocks.

The NBA has shown itself to be a shooting heavy league, in recent memory, and Williamson is not an effective shooter. Now defense can overshadow this, but Williamson is not a top talent in that aspect of the game either.

Williamson has even shown that he is not the best player on his team, with the stats showing that RJ Barrett is the better player, at least on the offensive side of things and the NBA no longer cares about defense.

All this being said Williamson is overhyped and should not be who teams tank for. The NBA no longer has a need for players who can only dunk.

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