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Dunbar joins National Science Olympiad with new chapter

Some of the students who brought Science Olympiad to Dunbar

Over the past few years, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) related activities seem to have exploded in popularity.

Previous science based clubs at Dunbar have been targeted towards highly concentrated areas of STEM fields, but juniors Stephen Yin, John Adkins, William Ding, and Mohammad Rashad along with Mrs. Keia Scott-Newsome plan to change that with the introduction of a new school chapter of Science Olympiad.

“Any time I can support students in furthering their education in something they are highly passionate about, I am 100% behind and supportive of,” said science teacher Mrs. Keia Newsome. “I get to teach, facilitate, and coach students in interest areas in and out of my comfort zone.”

Science Olympiad was started in 1974 as a day-long affair with science related competitions amongst different schools became a nation wide tournament where students compete in 23 events pertaining to scientific experiments such as earth and space, anatomy and physiology, and engineering.

“Our main goal is to provide an environment where students can explore STEM across all the different sciences to help them find their passion,” said Yin. “Many times students don’t know exactly what they’re interested in in STEM, or there exists a field that they could become really passionate in.”

Science Olympiad differs from other olympiads particularly in its focus. It focuses on team based events as well as its broad range of topics. Typically, teams are composed of 15 members who must study in 23 events, where members often double or triple up to tackle an event. Events include Mousetrap Vehicle, Designer Genes, Code Busters, Astronomy, and many others.

Science Olympiad also helps nurture a sense of teamwork among students.

“Science Olympiad really provides a relief from the typical bogging sense of competition with others. Instead, we hope that this club teaches students that cooperation achieves far more than bringing others down,” Rashad said.

Meetings for Science Olympiad are held bi-weekly on Mondays from 3:30 to 4:30. Students interested in the club are encouraged to sign up with Remind @pldsc by texting to 81010. Email Mrs. Newsome for more information at [email protected]

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