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The Grinch is Coming for Christmas Once Again

Is the new version better than previous ones?

In November 2018 the remake of the Grinch, a classic Christmas movie, hit theaters. The animated remake follows the same plot line as the two before it. The audience saw the Grinch once again as the crotchety Scrooge-like character that attempted to steal Christmas from Whoville.

The cast includes the voices of Benedict Cumberbatch as The Grinch, Kenan Thompson as a new character and friend to Grinch Mr. Brincklebaum, Pharrell Williams as the narrator and Cameron Seely as Cindy-Lou Who.

As in the previous movies, The Grinch has a heart two sizes too small. He also still has his trusty sidekick, the fun-loving dog Max. The Grinch is still up to his old tricks, dressing up as Santa and stealing Christmas. Cindy-Lou Who saved the day and invited him to her family dinner. The original animation effects were adequate for television viewers of its time.

The animation for the latest remake, though quaint and modern, took the second stage to the classic story-line and the beauty of the scenery and the Christmas feeling it gave viewers. The addition of new characters to the movie adds more plot detail and gives the movie a more light-hearted sense.

As before, the Grinch gets his first taste of real kindness and his heart expands three times its size.

I greatly enjoyed this new take on a family classic. Definitely, a fun-loving movie that would be great for a family to see together.

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