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Rohan Palla

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Top 10 Reasons to join PLD Lamplighter:

10. Research shows that students who take Journalism or are on a publication staff in high school generally score higher on the SAT.

9. Those same students, on the average, do better in ALL areas in college.

8. College admissions people say they like to see students who have a journalism/ publication background because it’s a strong indication that they can write. They say the biggest problem with incoming freshmen is a lack of writing skills, which can keep students from being admitted or doing well.

7. Most students who are involved in journalism show significant gains in writing skills and critical thinking.

6.  Journalism training makes term papers and research reports much easier to do.

5.  Journalism students learn marketable skills in computer literacy.

4.  Dunbar journalism students have opportunities to take student trips to conferences where they meet students from other schools and compare their work.

3.  Learning occurs in a fun, exciting, and innovative environment; it’s unlike any other class. While the work is hard, it doesn’t seem like it because journalism is fun and self-fulfilling.

2.  It can fulfill your Humanities requirement if you take it for three years or take it in conjunction with Film Studies.

1.  BEST OF ALL, it looks GREAT on resumes and college applications!!

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