COVID-19 Cancelled My Final Performance

As a senior, there are multiple things that I will be doing for the last time before I move on to life as a college student: my last football game, prom, my last meal in the cafeteria, a tardy note, time spent with my classmates, and even time walking down the crowded hallways. 

Students like me, who plan on going out of state for college, are missing out on spending our lasting moments with our friends and people we have grown up with. One of the biggest things, for me, is spending time with my theatre friends and rehearsing for our high school’s spring musical. 

My entire life has been consumed by the theatre. I have put the majority of my efforts into the performing arts program at my school. Our show, Spamalot, has now been canceled due to the Coronavirus. I have many thoughts and feelings towards this whole situation. 

I understand that it is a difficult time and we all must be compliant with the rules that our wonderful Gov.Andy Beshear has put forth for us, but at the same time, I am very angry. I understand that a lot of other seniors are upset about missing their prom, or graduation, and I know a handful of theatre kids that are extremely upset that the hard work that they put into a show will just go to waste. It’s upsetting. 

I keep thinking back on how I spent the last time on my school’s stage without even realizing it. 

A part of me wishes that I didn’t take things for granted. I knew that there would be the last time that I performed but I thought that the show I would be performing was Spamalot not The Diary of Anne Frank. Don’t get me wrong, that was a wonderful show, with an amazing cast, but if my head was in the mindset that it would be my forever final show at Dunbar, I definitely would have given my 100% best performance, and it would have meant a little more to me.

I am angry because I want my last moments in Kentucky to be spent with my friends, but as of right now I am banned from leaving the house. I want to have the perfect senior experience that I have been wishing for since elementary school. 

At the same time, I feel guilty because I have not been exposed to the coronavirus, nor do I know anyone who possesses it. I also know that I am fortunate to have a home and a mom who is still working and able to provide for me. 

Like everyone else, I hope that this pandemic will end soon. I normally would have never admitted to it, but I miss school. I miss my teachers, my friends, my routine, and most of all the Dunbar stage. What I would give to just set foot on that stage one more time and let the spotlights warm my face. I deeply miss my theatre friends. They always brought out the best in me. I feel very deprived of their energy and love. I hope I am able to see them again.