Dunbar Art Students Volunteer to Paint the Post Office

Back in December, the Beaumont Post Office contacted Dunbar art teachers in need of their artistic abilities. They wanted the windows to be painted like Christmas Peanut Stamps, and they asked art students to help decorate the office for the winter holidays. The Dunbar students ecstatically agreed and readily volunteered to make this art project a success.

The week before winter break, three students from art club, Autumn York, Sandy Tang and Kiely Powers, went with Ms. Emily Storch, an art teacher here at Dunbar, to work on the post office. The office provided paint and pizza for the students who helped decorate the windows.

“We looked at the stamps and copied the pictures onto the windows,” said Ms. Storch.

The project was a success, and the students loved getting the opportunity to help their community. These students got to use their talents to spread the holiday spirit through artwork. This was an awesome opportunity for Dunbar art club and these students.